Phillips' Cars

My very first car out of high school was a Renault Le Car. It was an oxidized orange color, but basically looked like the picture below. It died at every stop sign for a while until my dad turned up the idling, which kept it from passing smog. Let's see, it was hot-wired, so when all my college buddies jumped in to go with me I had to reach for the wires under the dash to start it, and later the wires were connected to a button to push. Often times it also had to be push-started. Now imagine trying to impress your friends while trying to start a clutch car that had to be hot-wired and push-started at the same time. Let's just say that my friends were true friends and not fair-weather friends.

My brother David called it the "orange tomato" and was just a bit embarrassed of it. I think he just liked to tease me.
Another car I had was a little white car (a Dodge Omni). Thankfully, this car did not die at every stop, nor was it hot-wired or needed to be push started. No, this car just didn't want the driver's side door to work. For the longest time I had to roll down my window to open the door to get out of the car. When it was on its last leg, or wheel, it finally didn't let me open the door at all. I had to use the passenger's door to get in and out of my car.
Somehow I still managed to make it through college! Although I am not sure how it happened. Never did it fail that my car would break down on finals week. Never. So, almost every semester during finals week I had to drive my dad to work in Clovis (30 miles), then drive to Reedley College (20 miles), drive either home (30 miles) or back to Clovis and wait several hours for my dad to get off work, and then drive back home (30 miles) while still studying for finals.
My friend Sherrie summed it up quite well. She told me, "What do you expect when you drive a Phillips Car?


And So It Goes...

This week it has finally hit me that there are only two weeks of summer vacation left. That means that there are two weeks to get busy and make some baby quilts. Two weeks to get prepared to begin a new school year. Two weeks to spend with Josh and Tressie and go out and do things with them. Where has this summer gone?

So, this morning I got up and began a quilt for Heidi and here it is almost 10:00 and lo and behold it is pretty much finished. I'll take a picture to share when it's done. Josh and Tressie have been into their alphabet this morning. I hope Josh does okay with his new school, I'm just a bit nervous.

Last night was baby Kaylie's shower. It was nice and simple. No games, just coffee, cupcakes, fellowship and gifts. What I liked best was that John babysat the kiddos. Yeah a break! Anyway, it was nice to get together with the girls and oh and ah about cute baby stuff. Madelynn was having fun too! She got to open her gifts first.


WhooHooo! A Day on the Town!

I am not a shopper. I have never been a shopper, and I probably will never be a shopper. If I have to go shopping I want to go straight in, grab what I need, and get out of there.

Today my mom and I are going shopping. She's a shopper. She could stay all day in the stores.

We need to get some baby gifts for baby Kaylie (my soon to be niece) and some school clothes for Joshua. Yes, he is starting pre-kindergarten this year. I'm not sure about the difference between pre-school and pre-kindergarten, maybe it's slightly more academic?

Anyway, just pray that we survive our day.


Name change!!!

For those of you who are wondering, yes, we are picking a different name for our soon to be little girl. The reason? We ran into 3 different people who named their female dogs Chloe, and when I looked up the name online for pets I discovered that Chloe is the #7 name for female dogs and the #1 name for female cats.


I would hate for her to go to school and hear, "Here Chloe, here Chloe!!! Come here girl!" Nope, we have a little more heart than that.

So, at this point we do have another tentative name: Heidi Leanne Willman
Hopefully this name will last a bit longer than Chloe did.

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease!