Tressie Turns Three!


The Truth (at last)

Okay ladies, it wasn't the scarf that I was after at the Christmas party. It was the box it came in! lol It matches my living room decor (jungle). Sis. Linda got the scarf because, well, after all that commotion I would not dare wear it in public.


An Incredible Day

Madelynn went to sunday school today with Josh and Tressie so we went to John's Incredible Pizza afterword. The three of them flat wore John out! Here's a shot of teir adventure.


Happy Birthday Tressie!!!

We are so proud of you, Tressie!!! You are such a beautiful, intellegent little girl!!!

We hope you enjoyed picking out your Build-a-Bear!


Ha Ha Ha...That's what I get!

This last Friday at school we had our annual staff vs students flag football game. Last year I made a skirt out of an exercise suit so I could get out there and "show the students who's boss". Of course, I didn't know that I was pregnant and could have easily lost Heidi as hard as I was playing. Anyway, that was last year. So, Friday I donned the winning outfit again. Of course, I had to give the students a hard time about how bad they were going to loose, and one of the boys in my class said, "Ok Mrs. Willman, what if the students beat you guys this year?", and so I made a deal that if we lost he could have my staff jersey shirt for bragging rights. Of course we won though. 40 something to 20 something. We purposely let them get some points so they wouldn't be creamed so bad.

Let me tell you though..I have paid for it all weekend! Talk about pulled muscles and whiplash! Saturday about killed me and today (Sunday) I am just a bit better. There were some pretty good falls. Of course the kids just love it when a teacher goes down. Ha.