First Day at the Pool

Josh is (hopefully) going to learn a little bit about swimming this summer. He's 3 1/2 and last year he jumped into some deep water and sank. When we pulled him out he just went back. This terrified me, which is understandable. we are going to the community pool (across the street) and let he and Tressie play in the wading pool. Next month he will start swim lessons.

Did I tell you that Josh has phobias? He's afraid of anything that he thinks might get him a little extra attention. Just lately he has decided to be afraid of public restrooms. I'm not sure if I blame him on that one, but he was never afraid before. We don't let him go in alone, mind you, but now we can't flush the toilet until he is out of the stall. He has also, just decided that he is terrified of haircuts. Never has he had a bad cut, nor has he ever cried during his past haircuts, but a few days ago, when we went to Fresno he cried in the van because he was afraid we might go get one. I think he must have been talking with John about bad-haircut anxiety. Anywho, we're getting that done today too by the way. Basically, he has just been needy of attention as of late. Not that I'm not home 24-7 now. Anyway, I'm just wondering how he will do with the wading pool and swim lessons.

John and I have decided to name our upcoming little girl...
Chloe Dijon Willman!(finally)


Yeah Baby!

After today there is only four working days left for me this school year, and three of them are without students! This I can handle! Then it will be the summer off with my little kiddos and a phat paycheck! Sleeping in! Lazy daze! Sunny daze! Yes!