Back to School

Today I am back to work. Heidi is in daycare with Tressie. I have mixed feelings about this, but overall, Heidi is doing well and the daycare provider is great. I need to get out of the house and get back to work. I think everything will work out well. Holidays will be here soon.


Lucky to be Alive!

My brothers love to ride bikes. One has a triumph, the other two have harleys. Bikes have been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. I even rode little scooters, dirt bikes, three wheelers and quads as a child. My brothers raced them.
Anyway, there is a saying that says, "It's not wither or not you're gonna go down, it's when you're gonna go down." Well, Brendan went down yesterday at about 60mph. That's how fast he said he was going, but hey, he was going down (or up?) Sample road on a bike, and hey, he's my brother, so I guess that could mean he was going at least 70? Or maybe I should just believe the 60...He was riding alone and someone delivering medical supplies just happened to drive up and find him in the road.
Well, he's alive to tell about it and that's what matters. He has a horrible road rash on his back and his hand and foot are swollen. He had a concussion and was loosing his eyesight at times after it happened, but did I tell you that he's my brother? Yep. He plans on going to the wrecking yard today to pick up his bike. Crazy I tell you. He's a little upset that the forks are bent on his bike.
All I can say is that God is merciful because it would be horrible if we lost him. It was sure good to hear his voice this morning. Just pray for him, he's going to be in a lot of pain for a while, and needless to say, out of work as well.


Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Joshua is afraid of the Police. I think that I mentioned that before, but now, well, he's becoming just a little bit brave in protecting himself from the police (or anyone who looks like them!).

This happened yesterday:

Joshua wanted some "lemonade chips" you know, the salty lime chips? Well, I took him to the local "stop and rob" to pick up some of these tangy potatoes when lo and behold, in walked an EMT in uniform. (How else would be know he was an EMT?)! Joshua went straight up to this stranger in uniform and began a converation. I was paying for the chips, so I kept an eye on him not knowing everything he was saying to the man. After a while I heard Josua speak up and say, "I didn't break the law!", to which the EMT replied, "That's good!" Joshua then went on to say, "And my mommy didn't break the law either!" He was just making sure that he doesn't get on the bad side of the law. I guess it never hurts to cover your hind end!


Parental Rights

How will you vote? Check this out...


Heidi is Home

Here are a few pix that we took since Heidi came home. She came home last Friday and is doing well. Joshua and Tressie are glad to have her and so are John and I!


The Willman Family

If everything continues to go well, Heidi will be home tomorrow!

Told You So!

They say that a mother's intuition is rarely wrong...
Last night the hospital tested Heidi for the amount of phenobarbital in her system, and low and behold it was much higher than it needed to be! They are not giving her a dose today at all, it's that high. Tomorrow they are going to check her levels again and readjust the dosage. Have I mentioned that John and I have thought that the dosage was too high for days?
Heidi also held her temperature overnight, praise God, and she hasn't needed the oxygen. I haven't left the house yet to see her, just getting a little more needed rest. ((Sorry Amber, I totally forgot that we were supposed to meet!))

Prayer request: Pray for my friend's niece who is full-term and having bad complications. They flew her to San Francisco because there was no room here. I don't know her name, but she and her baby needs prayer.


Baby's First Haircut?

Okay, so I don't endorse cutting a baby's hair during the first week of life, or even cutting a baby girl's hair at all, but today when we finally took out the last IV off Heidi (yes!) we discovered that there was a small area that they shaved to put in the IV (oops! Don't tell Pastor!). Overall we are relieved that she is finally pulling through and beginning to hold her own. The only hurdles that we see at this point are the issue of keeping up body temperature and oxygen saturation, which could be both caused by the amount of Phenobarbital she is given. We find out tomorrow whither or not that can be reduced.
This morning little Heidi was wide eyed and bushy tailed! I have never seen her this alert. She gulped down her bottles in a couple of minutes flat and acted like she could have eaten more! We took pix of her (which we will get back either Thursday or Friday) and yes, she is now one week old!! Praise God!