Transparency. What is it exactly? When we talk of being transparent to the Lord, then maybe we mean that we hide nothing from him and that he sees right through us. This would be an accurate definition also if we were being transparent with a friend. Just being real and not trying to be something that we are not. This would be the definition if we ourselves attempt to be transparent. No one else, except God of course, would be able to make us transparent in this positive way.

Here's another take at transparency. My family and I went to dinner yesterday in Fresno and another family walked in the door that belonged to a neighboring congregation. They may not have known who John was, but they knew who I was. The wife graciously smiled, and I smiled back, but the husband made my husband and I a transparency even though we were only about five feet away from them for about eight or so minutes. I really do think that he was able to see right through us and see empty chairs! It was amazing. He chose not to see us for what we were, he chose to not see us for what we weren't.

Maybe this should be called negative transparency. What do you think?



I am so sick of being sick. That's all I have to say today. God bless the few that peek at this blog. Have a good day.


Time Flies

It seems like just yesterday that I found my little Joshie doing this:

Where does all the time go to? It just keeps passing us by so quickly! Is there a pause button?


Two Years Old!

Tressie had her two year birthday this last Friday. She is full of energy and learning so much everyday! This is a particularly good birthday because now she gets to go to Sunday School! Yeah! I didn't know what to do with myself this past Sunday morning with no Tressie or Joshua to occupy my attention. It felt nice, but at the same time, I have to admit, I was fighting to keep awake. Not that the service was bad, because it wasn't, just because I have gotten used to half listening to the service due to the kiddos.

Here she is with all of her cousins (at least the ones from around here)! They have so much fun when they all get together and play. By this time next year there will be two more added to the group! How exciting!


Lullaby and Goodnight...

Just when we thought we were recouperating from midnight cries, baby diapers, bottles and extream exhaustion....
Just when we thought we could begin to enjoy life and give a little more time to other areas in our life....
Just when we got used to sleeping in....

We were given a surprise. Although both extreamly shocked, we will welcome our soon to come third little Willman.

Does anyone know how to get one of those ticker timer things?



It looks like I may have to opportunity to help teach English to a Chinese family here in town! Isn't that exciting? The Chinese culture in itself is an education loving people, and many are taught in whole language (a teaching style that embrases comprehension rather than enunciation) and does not focus on correct pronunciation (phonics). Therefore, I may be helping this family in the line of phonics. I'm excited, although it will take yet another night out of my week. John says to just get used to it because it's not going to slow down any. Here we go....