Life is Good

I have to say that my two little angels have to be the cutest I've ever seen! We just got their pictures taken and they really do look like to cherubs. This makes me think...can they just stay this way? After all, on a regular day their halos get bent and often lost.

Is this where the saying "picture perfect" comes from?


Back in the Day


Mi Vida Loca

Yikes! Does it get crazier than this? Joshua has been teething...which means fevers and a few seizures, then my classroom was changed at the last minute, I now have 25 boxes of stuff in my classroom that has to be moved by Monday morning (today is Saturday), Joshua threw up in the van 3 times yesterday, I am exhausted and I have to go back to school today to finish my room. Did I say that I have to go grocery shopping too? lol!

Yesterday I drove from Kerman to Madera to Fresno to Mendota back to Kerman to Madera to Fresno and back to Kerman.

Welcome to my crazy life.

John is such a blessing. He is cleaning house and doing laundry for us today. Even cleaning the car seats! He's a keeper.


Back to School Meetings

If I have to sit through anymore of these welcome back to school meetings I think I might go crazy! All morning long we sat through district meetings which we absorbed a whole lot of nothing, except saying hi to all our co-workers we haven't seen all summer. After lunch we departed to our school sites where we once again were held captive to school site meetings. Although these meetings were much more meaningful, all these meetings made for a very long day. My ankles swelled from sitting so long!
Tomorrow it's back to the chain-gang meetings and, hopefully, we will be able to actually work on preparing our rooms. I'm not complaining, really, it's nice to be back to work, but I like it much better when I'm simply back to teaching.
I'm tired. John just sprayed my smelly feet with febreeze. I think I'll go to sleep now that I smell better.


Yes! A Smartboard!

I walked into my classroom today with hopes to work on organizing it when I was given two surprises. The first surprise was that the janitor was shampooing my carpets today and I wouldn't be able to get anything done. The second surprise was maintenance standing at my door with a plethora of boxes that go to my new Smartboard! Yeah! Now they only need to be installed. Which may not happen before school starts, but will probably happen before the second quarter is over.

So, today I ended up in the 8th grade math teacher's class unpacking hundreds of books, stamping them with the school stamp and numbering them. About a third of the books will be going to my classroom anyway. We still haven't located the 7th grade books.

Here is a blog that I put together for my class, take a look and tell me what you think: .


Momma's Little Snob

Yesterday I took the kiddos with me to Fresno State to pick up a copy of the college manual. Well, the college was having an orientation for incoming students and there where small groups of guys and gals sitting around on the grass. One group of girls was watching Tressie and smiling at her. They waved hi to her and obviously thought that she was a little cutie pie. (I think so too!)

Well, you would think that she would at least give them a smile and a wave, but nooooo. let me tell you what she did. She put her little head back, gave them a "Do I know you?" look, flipped her little head away from them and kept walking along in her little girl style. The girls laughed and laughed, I just shrugged and told them sorry. I also told Tressie that wasn't a nice thing to do.

The teen years will be interesting to say the least.


No Smartboard.

I have been so spoiled to have a smartboard in my classroom this past year. If you don't know what a smartboard is, it is basically a class-sized projection screen that is run by the touch of a finger. I am able to go online with it, write on it, use any computer program on it, give quizzes on it, and even show class movies on it. I used it a lot last year, and the kids loved the technology.

Unfortunately, when I went to view my new classroom for this upcoming year I discovered there is not one in my new classroom. Hopefully our principal will be able to order one for me, they are not cheap. 13K each. Oh, the cost of a techno education!


There's a Monster in My House!

The kids are screaming wildly. I hear growling and roars. It is exceedingly noisy. Tressie keeps running to me in terror, but for some reason keeps going back to face the monster. Joshua just screams, and runs, and laughs? What can drive my children to such depths of fear?

Oh, it's just John pretending to be a monster, his shirt covering his face as he growls and roars flailing his arm aimlessly.

False alarm.


Watch Out for the Sops!

We had to pull over on a country road today for Joshua to "take care of business" and of coarse that meant that he walked around on the dirt some. Well, when we got back into the van he put his precious little feet up on the back of the driver's seat and got it nice and dirty. Don't all kids do that?

"Mom! I'm going to call the sops on you!" Of coarse I asked what in the world he was talking about, to which he replied: "You're letting dad's car get dirty so I'm calling to sops to clean it up."

Joshua thinks, for some reason, that cops, or police officers, are bad people and something to be afraid of. And, even though he was the one that made the mess, he decided that the right thing to do was to call the "sops" on me. Hmmm.....

What made this even more interesting was that he always calls them sops, and I always correct him and say, no, they are called cops. Well, I gave in for a moment and called them sops and guess what he did? He corrected me! No mom, they're cops.