Clarity is Everything.

Last night was my first day back to school. Not teaching myself mind you, but actually going back and becoming a students again. My multi-subject credential is not enough to cover the science class that I teach, so therefore I must take a few (about 5) more classes of science to be considered "highly qualified".

The class is Physical Science, which is what I also teach by the way, and I have discovered that it will be a lot (and I do mean a lot) of work! This guy believes in homework! But, what I find most interesting about the class is how scatter-brained the instructor is. Don't get me wrong, he knows his stuff. He just jumps around a lot and if it wasn't for the fact that I teach physical science I would be completely lost as are more than half the students in the class. My notes do not follow a set pattern mostly because he begins on one subject, jumps the next two subjects, and then decides to go back to the previous message. hmmm.

I have noticed that in my teaching that sometimes I can ramble also. I will being talking about something, a student will ask a question, or I'll think of something else, and off I go into the world of rambling. Maybe that should be my resolution this year. Not to ramble, because clarity is important, and when it comes to those end of the year tests, clarity is everything.


Shane Eccles said...

Hey, I did not know you were blogging. A Great point you make about clarity. I guess that is why I enjoy The University of Phoenix. My degree will be obtained with 100% distance learning, meaning I will never step foot into a classroom, that of course means no notes to take. A lot of reading to make up for it I guess!