Testimony Time

Let me tell you a little story today about my dad. You see, he didn't have a dad growing up. The role model just wasn't there because he lost his dad when he was only two years old. He was determined though, to be the best dad that he possibly could.

I remember when he used to get up and testify in church. He almost always started with, "My God is real!", and then it lead into a regular testimony. Usually...

One time he told the chicken story. The hens would not lay eggs, so dad went out and prayed for those chickens, got up in their roost and showed them what they were supposed to do, and then told them that if they didn't start laying eggs that they were going to go on the chopping block. Funny thing is, after that they started laying eggs. Wouldn't you?


When Two Worlds Collide

Here is another picture that I happened upon from Sydney/PNG. The airport screening somehow transposed the film onto each other, but what an interesting collision between the two worlds of a mainstream and a third-world country.

What I particularly want you to notice is the resemblance between the girl (I don't know who she is) who is standing in the same area as the queen's wax sculpture. Take note of her facial features and how her stance is with that of the queen's behind/in front of her. It almost gives me the feeling of a time warp! Amazing. Actually, this pack of warped film is some of my favorite from the trip, because well, it's trippy.


Namba Wan Blog

I was looking through some old pictures today and found the PNG Namba Wan Coffee House. In PNG (Paupua New Guinea) everything is namba wan. There's the namba wan bank, the namba wan restaurant, and even the song, "Jesus You Namba Wan". They have the good life there you see, everything is namba wan, yet they have so little.
In our society, nothing seems to be good enough. One just has to have that new dress, that new car, their neighbor's house, their neighbor's ox.... whatever, you get the idea.
Our nation would be much more peaceful and content if we exited Interstate Greed and turned onto the Contentment Highway.
Peace Out!


Clarity is Everything.

Last night was my first day back to school. Not teaching myself mind you, but actually going back and becoming a students again. My multi-subject credential is not enough to cover the science class that I teach, so therefore I must take a few (about 5) more classes of science to be considered "highly qualified".

The class is Physical Science, which is what I also teach by the way, and I have discovered that it will be a lot (and I do mean a lot) of work! This guy believes in homework! But, what I find most interesting about the class is how scatter-brained the instructor is. Don't get me wrong, he knows his stuff. He just jumps around a lot and if it wasn't for the fact that I teach physical science I would be completely lost as are more than half the students in the class. My notes do not follow a set pattern mostly because he begins on one subject, jumps the next two subjects, and then decides to go back to the previous message. hmmm.

I have noticed that in my teaching that sometimes I can ramble also. I will being talking about something, a student will ask a question, or I'll think of something else, and off I go into the world of rambling. Maybe that should be my resolution this year. Not to ramble, because clarity is important, and when it comes to those end of the year tests, clarity is everything.


Another Vacation Bites the Dust!

Wow! Three weeks go by so fast and now it's time to go once again to those cement hallways and greet all my little angels. Tressie cried and cried this morning when John dropped her off at the daycare and Joshua just stood looking out the window until Daddy left. (John always calls and tells me about how the kids do when they are dropped off. Such a good Daddy, that John.)

So, cup of java in my hand, purse packed to the gills, and car keys in my other hand, I set out for yet another adventure in the junior high school jungle. God, please help me today, and all my little angels too. You know I love them all. Even those that give me a bad time.


How fast time flies!

Do you ever find it interesting that time has a way of passing us by so quickly? Yet God has never failed to be good through each and every year! Henceforth the name of my blog: Sunny Daze.

This will probably end up being a rambling page, although I may actually try to tap into my intelligence...who knows?

Thank you for stopping by!