Looking Good

This morning, when I arrived at the hospital, the nurse told me that Heidi has been taking her bottle very well and that she should be off the IV soon. When I tried to feed her at 12:00 she decided that she would rather sleep than eat, so they had to use her feeding tube again. Then at her 3:00 feeding she was just fine again. Hmmm...
Joshua and Tressie were able to go in and visit with her today and I think it helped them to see her and know that yes, she does exist. We were able to get some good pictures of the three of them. I'll post them when the film is developed.
The doctor said that if she kept improving as well as she is that she will be released from the hospital within a week to 10 days, so that's good to know. We are only waiting on a couple tests and so far everything has come back well.
Thank you all so much for your prayers.


Susan Hill said...

Sis. Loretta, I am so glad that all is going so well. I know how Heidi felt yesterday, I sort of felt more like sleeping than eating, too!!! LOL!!! I'm thrilled the kids saw her! Tressie looked so lonely in the morning! I know it helped! I can't wait to hold little Heidi!! We love you all!!!