Praise God for the Little Things!

Today was a good day. Heidi's headress was taken off today and we could actually see her beautiful brown hair again! She was given a little bath and I was actually able to hold and feed her! Yea! I think one of the hardest parts of her being sick was that I couldn't hold her. I held her as soon as she was born, but other than that she was swiped away by the doctors and nursing staff, so it's been a bit of an emotional struggle there. It just felt good to hold her again. Also, this was the first day she has had the opportunity to eat since she was born, so it has been a good day.

The doctor said that she has had no more seizure activity and that so far it appeared that the reason for the seizures seemed to be in her history since the test have all come back well. The only tests out at this point are for metabalism problems which the genetics doctor is checking on. So, if all goes well, I may be able to bring her home sooner than I thought.


Jolene Mendoza said...

Loretta, My heart went out to you when I read the news about Heidi. I immediately went to prayer for her and you and your husband. When I read your post this morning I couldn't help but cry tears of joy when I learned you were able to hold her in your arms again. Don't we serve an awesome God?

I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Love you girl and keep those pictures of your beautiful newborn coming. I want to watch her grow with you.

Sherrie's red aunt

Sackrisons said...

Hi Loretta: We have been praying ever since we got the news. I'm sooo glad you were able to hold her and feed her. We'll continue to pray for God to touch her little body and bring wholeness and healing. I'm grateful that Jesus holds her in His arms and watches over her so tenderly. *.*

Dave & Kathy Sackrison

Nancy Oliver said...

praise God!!