Yesterday my brother David and his wife Audra had a beautiful little girl! Her name is Kaylie Elizabeth. We went to see her yesterday and she sure is a cutie pie! It made me anxious to have my little Heide in my arms.

So... this morning I woke up thinking that I hope my labor starts soon. After researching for about an hour online this morning about taking caster oil, I decided to pass on that one but sent John to the store for a fresh pineapple (it sounds good anyway) and got out my birthing ball. After all, that's what I used to get Tressie here. Not the pineapple, but the birthing ball. So here I am in front of the computer, sitting on my bouncy ball typing away.

Yesterday was my last day at work, mainly because I'm due soon and I don't want my water to break at work, but I also don't want the week to be wasted just waiting for something to happen. If nothing happens by my dr. appointment on Tuesday, I'm going to ask to be induced. Am I crazy?


Karen said...

So basically, you're not getting an epidural and you want to be induced? If you love pain then go for it. Wait, you're probably one of those psychos who DO like pain. Sorry, my bad.

Willman's Blog said...

Who said anything about no epidural?